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Potato Planter

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Product Description
2CMD-4 potato planterDescription of this kind of potato planter:At present, the aim of product serrialization of potato industry machines of Nonghaha company has been come true. The range of products can be matched with small, medium and large tractors. The planting space and the row space of the potato planter are adjustable. By installing a special device, ridge forming and film covering also can be realized at the same time. Our company has very strong technical research ability that many products with super quality high using value and efficiency have reached the leading domestic level. itemsparameteroverall size(mm)2440x3900x2190whole weight(kg)1280rows of sowing4matched power(hp)100row space(mm)850/900plant space(mm)140-420(adjustable)working speed(km/h)8-10

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