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Poultry Cage For Layer Chicken Farm

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Product Description

1.Material: low carbon steel wire Q 235
2.Surface: Electric galvanized, hot dip galvanized, plastic coated
3. What is difference of electric galvanized and hot dip galvanized ?
Electric Galvanized: Surface smooth, bright, zinc coating: 20-30g/ m2.  In the humid environment, it is easy rust, but after the rust does not affect use, life span: 15 years
Hot Dip Galvanized: surface zinc is thick, can reach about 500g/m2, It has the corrosion resistance  of high strength. The surface have zinc knot, not smooth, life span: 25 years

4.Wire diameter: 3.0mm-3.2mm
5. What size we supply:

(A Type)
 Type3 tiers, 4 doors3 tiers, 5 doors3 tiers, 5 doors4 tiers, 4 doors4 tiers, 5 doors
Capacity96 birds120 birds120 birds128 birds160 birds
Size /door0.47x0.54x0.37m0.39x0.54x0.37m0.44x0.54x0.37m0.47x0.54x0.37m0.4x0.54x0.37m
Size/ cage1.88x0.54x0.37m1.95mx0.54x0.37m2.2x 0.54x0.37m1.88x0.54x0.37m1.98mx0.54x0.37m
Size/ set cage1.88mx2.3mx1.5m1.95mx2.3mx1.5m2.2mx2.3mx1.5m1.88mx2.5mx1.8m1.98mx2.5mx1.8m

-Nipple drinker: 304 stainless steel ball, Effective control the water, 360 degree drinking. Long time use, simple disassembly, health & safety. More drinker type for your select
-High quality PVC feed trough, Durable, corrosion resistance, Not easily broken
Loading capacity: >60kgs/ pcs, not fall off.
-Angle iron steel frame, Size: 3x3cm and 4x4cm, Surface can be electric galvanized and hot dip galvanized.

7. Feature

1. High Production - Egg production is much higher as chicken conserve their energy for production.
2. Reduced Infections - Chicken have no direct access to their faeces and thus no serious health hazard.
3. Reduced Loss From Eggs Breakages - Chickens have no contact with their eggs which simply roll out.
4. Less Labor Intensive - Automated watering system and simplified, less labour intensive feeding process.
5. Reduced Wastage – There is less wastage on animal feeds, and proper feed ratio per chicken.
6. Reduced Shrinkage & Pilferage - In the battery cage, the farmer can easily count his chicken at any time.
7. Pure Manure - It is much easier to evacuate the waste in the battery cage system unlike the deep litter which is much more stressful. The pure manure is also sold at a premium price.
8. Why Use cages in Poultry Production?
1.Reduce feed wastage and maximize productivity in layer production
2.Increased production
3.Better overall management of flock

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