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Poultry Chicken Farm Manure Removal System

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Product Description

(1) Components: driving system, scraper, angle pulley, stroke limitation, control panel.
(2) Working for 2 rows or 3 rows one time

Matched power1.5-3kw
Maximum traction work force28000-32000N
Wiper clean rate≥95%
walking speed6-10m/min
Manure scraper width20mm less than the hollow


1.1.5 -3 kw motor and gearbox including drive pulley.
2.Scraper material: 65Mn steel or low carbon steel, 4mm thickness;
3.Turn around pulley and tension block.
4.6mm-8mm galvanized cable.
5.Remote control (no electric cables attached)
6.Control panel for 1-4 lines of scrapers.
1.It will create an ideal environment for the living of the birds onside the poultry farm with the complete and safe removal of manure that would pollute the environment onside your poultry.
2.At the collection process of the manure, those are collected in such an organized way that you can easily make the maximum use of the chicken excrement.
3.You can reduce the cost and labor intensity, make good money by using the excrement as fertilizer, increase economic efficiency and effectively increase the egg and meat production of your poultry farm.

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