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Poultry Feed Mill Ring Dies Pellet Dies

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Description 1. Uniform hole taper 2. Smooth hole surface 3. Good inside structure 4. Excellent drilling process 5. Uniform hole design and pattern 6. Advanced gundrill machine provides fine surface inside die holes 7. Polishing inside and outside surface to make good cut for the feed 8. Automatic drilling machinery provides good hole design and accurate hole pattern 9. The adopted of high-quality for export feedstock to ensure quality of raw materials 10. According customer requirement and material characteristics, design various suitable hole diameters Ring die pellet mill working principle The basic structure of the pelletizing chamber is mainly composed of these parts: the die, the rollers, feeding scraper and cutting knives. When the machine is started, the electric motor will drive the ring die to rotate. And the rollers will also revolve on its own axis due to the friction between itself and the die. By means of gravity and the centrifugal force generated by rotating of the ring die, material will be firmly attached to inner surface of the ring die. The feeding scraper will ensure the material to be continuously and evenly pushed forward along the die to be prepared for pelletizing. Then the material is squeezed by the roller and the die, and with the gradually increasing pressure, the density of the material also becomes higher. Thus the material temperature will rise, which softens the lignin in it and makes it easier to be shaped. At this time, the material is compressed into the die holes and shaped into small cylindrical strips with diameters of 2 - 12 mm (depending on the size of the holes). We are professional Ring Dies,Pellet Dies,Flat dies,Feed Mill Pellet Ring Dies,Pellet Mill Ring Dies,Animal Feed Pellet Mill Ring Die,Pellet Machine Ring die,Pellet Press Ring Die,Wood Pellet Machine Ring Die Factory from china Ring die is a main part of pellet mill to produce animal feed, wood pellets, and other granules.we usually manufacture the products as per customer's drawing or requirement. The Material of ring dies is mainly X46Cr13,4Cr13 (stainless steel)and 20CrMnTi (alloy steel) Hardness of ring dies that we could reach is : HRC54-60.

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