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Ppg For Motorcycle Seats Foam Polyol (ep-330ng)

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Basic InfoModel NO.:EP-330NGSynthetic Resin:Polyurethane ResinNatural Resin:Ma ResinCharacteristic:Thermosetting ResinMolecular Principal Chain:Element Organic PolymerColor:White Mixed with POP polyols branches and polyether polyols together,Website:http://www.dongdapolyol.com, used in producing high resilience, gold cured foam for seats of automobile, motorcycle, bicycle and steering wheels. . SpecificationsHydroxyl value32.5-35.5Acid value≤ 0.05Water content ≤ 0.05¬†pH5-7Viscosity800-1000Colority APHA≤ 50Unsaturated value≤ 0.03Molecular weight5000 Functionality33. Packing: 200kg / bucket, blue paint bucket4. SecurityAlmost nonpoisonous. When the vapor directly contact with eyes, stimulate occurs. When vapor is inhaled, it causes headache, vomit, a poor appetite, and etc. If the products splash on the skin or in the eyes, it must be washed immediately with plenty of water or you must go to see doctor. 5. Storage and attentionsKeep dry, dark, no heating and no broken barrel.

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