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Shandong Bluestar Dongda Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China ppgs for adhesives, polyurethane adhesive manufacturers, welcome to buy high-quality ppgs for adhesives from our professional factory.TrademarkHydroxylValuemgKOH/GAcidValuemgKOH/GWaterContent%pHUnsaturatedValuemol/kgViscositymPa·s/25℃K﹢mg/kgColourityAPHAFunction-alityMolecu-lar weightDL-400270-290≤0.05≤0.055-7-60-80≤5≤502400DL-1000D109-115≤0.05≤0.025-8-120-180-≤2021000DL-2000D54.5-57.5≤0.05≤0.025-8≤0.01270-370-≤2022000DL-3000D36-39≤0.05≤0.025-8≤0.01500-600-≤2023000DL-4000D26.5-29.5≤0.05≤0.025-8≤0.01800-1000-≤2024000ApplicationThis is a low unsaturated polypropylene oxide ether diol,with a molecular weight of 400-8000.As the basis component for the soft segment structure of polyurethane, it can be used for a variety of polyurethane adhesive produces.Feature:DL series products are mainly used for CASE series products,with a molecular weight range from 700 to 12000. For application,as the molecular weight of the polyolincreases,the elongation at break gradually increases while the tensile strength and hardness decreases.Customers may choose polyether polyols of different molecular weight according to their final product’s request.They can also arrange MN-3050DF,EP-330NG or EP-3600 in groups to increase the product’s tensile strength.TrademarkHydroxylValuemgKOH/GAcidValuemgKOH/GWaterContent%pHUnsaturatedValuemol/kgViscositymPa·s/25℃K﹢mg/kgColourityAPHAFunction-alityMolecu-lar weightEP-330N(G)32.5-35.5≤0.05≤0.055-7≤0.07800-1000≤3≤5035000Application and FeatureWith a functionality of 3 and monlecular weight of 5000,this kind of high-activity polyether polyol can be used for polyurethane adhesive produces,which can effectively increase the tensile strength and the resilience.

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