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Ppgs For Leather Finishing Agents

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Shandong Bluestar Dongda Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China ppgs for leather finishing agents,Website:http://www.dongdapolyol.com, polyurethane leather, polyurethane material manufacturers, welcome to buy high-quality ppgs for leather finishing agents from our professional factory.TrademarkHydroxyl Value mgKOH/GAcid Value mgKOH/GWaterContent%pHViscosity mPa·s/25℃Colourity APHAFunction-alityMolecular weightDL-1000D109-115≤0.05≤0.025-8120-180≤2021000DL-2000D54.5-57.5≤0.05≤0.025-8270-370≤2022000MN-3050DF54.5-57.5≤0.05≤0.055-7400-700≤2033000Application and Feature:It is used to produce polyurethane leather finishing agent,with it’s polymers have good strength,abrasion resistance and other properties.It has a wide range of applications in rubber,coatings,adhesives,synthetic fibers and other fields,especiallt as a coating agent used in high-grade leather.

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