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Ppr Pipe Production Line

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Prime Mechatronics is one professional China ppr pipe production line supplier among those famous such manufacturers, you can wholesale ppr pipe production line directly through our website.Detailed infomation for PPR pipe production lineDeacription:   PPR pipe production line is consist of SJ series extruder,mold,vacuum tank,spraying cooling tank,haul-off,no-dusting cutting machine,staker.It is apply to produce PPR,PE-RT cold and hot water supply pipe.Equiped other extruder,different mold.It could produce PPR double-layer pipe,PPR fiberglass reinforce pipe.This production line has advantage of easy operation,stable running,high output,and very popular home and abord.Specification:            Model            SJ65/30            SJ65/30                SJ75/30      Pipe diameter range(mm)            φ16-63            φ20-110               φ50-160       L/D              30:1             30:1                 30:1       Capacity(kg/h)               10              40                  80      Motor power(kw)               37             37                       55     Output(kg/h)           40-80            60-120                 80-160Drawing speed(m/min)              0-10            0-8                 0-8Screw diameter(mm)              65           65                 75

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