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Pre-peeling Conveyor

PRICE: 12500 USD
Product Description


As the auxiliary equipment of large slaughter plant, it is mainly applied to the manual pre-skinning, head and trotter removal etc.

Pre-peeling Conveyor Features:

1. Complemented with skinning machine 
2. Being installed on the front side of skinning machine.
3. Being used as the manual pre-skinning conveyer table.

Technical Specification of Pre-Skinning Transporter: 
1. Motor power: 3KW
2. Rated voltage: 380V
3. Control voltage: 24V
4. Transfer speed: 6.38m/min
5. Working efficiency: 3 pigs /min
6. Length of pre-skinning desk: L=18m
7. Dimensions: (W x H): 630X1260mm

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