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Precision Rotary Tables

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Super Precision universal rotary dividing tables mod.SU30-11, SU50-11, Tilt rotary table dividing mod.SK63-11 are used when working on the jig boring and jig grinding machines for machining of parts with four or five sides in one clamping. Simple horizontal rotary dividing tables mod. SP80-11 and SP100-11 - for machining in the polar coordinate system. Tables are designed for boring, drilling, fine milling, marking and inspection operations. In conjunction with the relevant minister and the counting devices can be used to control the size specified in the polar coordinate system for the measurement of the accumulated error of division precision dividing disks, dials, gears, etc. Tilt precision rotary table dividing mod.SK36-12 is designed to complete new production of precision CNC machine tools, as well as for upgrading existing machines with CNC. On special request we can manufacture the turntables mod.SK63, SP80 and SP100 controlled by CNC.

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Precision rotary tables
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