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Prefab Steel Structure House

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We could provides the optimized solution to meet customer's request with our advanced design software which with Canada technology. We could do as per your design, also we have various design with different models for your further option.A. Wall and roof frame:1) GI cold frame forming steel designed with advance software. And make the production automatically .B. Roofing & Ceiling:1) metal roof panel, 75mm+100mm insulation for roof2) Include flashing, screws, sealant3) 1 layers 12mm plaster boardC. Wall panel:1) Culture stone external wall finish,50mm XPS,100mm insulation,12mm plasterboard for external wall panel1) 12mm OSB for wall base board2) 12mm plasterboard @ each side3) Waterproof plasterboard for wet area4) Include flashing and screwsD. Flooring:1) Galvanized G450 200 C section at 600mm thickness for floor beam2) 18mm OSB and 75mm insulation for floor3) 1 layers 12mm fire rated plasterboard for floor ceiling4) Include connection bolts and fastenersOur Services1. Professional design and engineering team:Full solution for site camp design. We could make the design for whole camp as per your requirement.  2. Procurement and Manufacture for all material:We have a professional procurement team to make sure all the materials are with good quality. And our factory operation under ISO standard, to make sure the fabrication works with high technology. 3. Site management & Installation supervision: We could send our engineers to help for the installation supervision, you just need to prepare a team which know normal construction works will be OK.Why choose us ?the following advantages: 1. Safer: The premium physical and chemical performance of steel is better than other structural styles. Steel performs better in disasters such as earthquake, typhoon etc.2. Durable: steel housing is made from anti-corrosion and high strength galvanized or aluminum galvanized steel.3. Comfortable: The steel structure is moisture proof and insect proof. The living environment is more secure and comfortable.4. Flexible: All pipes can be concealed in the walls or floor structure. The actual usage area is at least 5% ~10% more than traditional concrete buildings. The different living areas can be divided freely according to the design requirement and won’t be restricted by the position of the load bearing walls.5. Energy Saving: The Composite light weight and high strength floor and wall materials are insulated reducing noise and saving a lot of money in energy costs.6. Environment Friendly: 100% light gauge housing frame is recyclable. There is no environmental pollution concern.7. Low Cost: Compared with concrete or other types of structures, a light gauge steel structure is light, and reduces the requirement on foundation loads, which can result in large scale savings in foundation costs.8. Speed up: All the parts can be pre-fabricated in the factory and are quick to install. The sequence of design makes it possible to construct both internal and external walls simultaneously, which speeds up construction.

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