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Pregnant And Maternal Women Dedicated Full Nutrition Formula

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If you are going to buy customized bulk pregnant and maternal women dedicated full nutrition formula made in China or check the price and quotation with one of the leading pregnant and maternal women dedicated full nutrition formula manufacturers and suppliers in China or a such factory, please feel free to contact Nutrition Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.Pregnant And Maternal Women Dedicated Full Nutrition FormulaNutrition of the fetus begins at conception. For this reason, the nutrition of the mother is important from before conception (probably several months before) as well as throughout pregnancy and breast feeding. An ever-increasing number of studies have shown that the nutrition of the mother will have an effect on the child, up to and including the risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes throughout life.It has been nearly a decade since women with Hyperemesis gravidarum began receiving enteral feedings for nutrition support. Enteral nutrition has long been known to be physiologically beneficial when compared with parenteral nutrition in a variety of disease states.Pregnant and maternal women indicated full nutrition formula is a complete formula especially desigened for pregnant and maternal women under-nutrition, especially for the women with hypertension .【Formula Features】1.Combined with Premium hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides and rich calcium from natural fishbone, This formula can efficiently improve calcium deficiency during pregnancy (hyperglycemia and hypertension).2.Offer energy supplement to edema patients in clinical application.3.The proper mixture of three nutrient (protein, fat and carbohydrate) and Chinese herb:4.Rich DHA ensures development of fetal nerve.Effectively relieve the pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome【User indication】:Suitable to malnourished patients, weak patients, pregnant and maternal women who have nutritional requirements for special physiology. This formula is especially suitable for patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension.【Usage and doses】 1、Pour warm((50 ℃ or so) water into a sterilized feeding bottle/container 2、Mix warm water with 40g of formula powder.3、Then, add 130ml warm water and mix evenly.Dosage of powderAmount of waterTotal amountEnergy40g150ml163ml172kcal80g300ml326ml344kcal400g1500ml1630ml1720kcal【Important notice】1.Osmotic pressure is in normal range(300-450Osm/L),will not cause hypertonic diarrhea.This product also can be applied to diabetic, but please take it under the guidance of the nutrition doctor.2.Unsuitable for patients with inborn errors of metabolism.3.The daily dosage should be no more than 200g in healthy condition.4.Preparation should be kept in refrigerator and used in 24 hours.5.Intravenous injection is forbidden.Nutrition factsItemContent of per 100gNRV%Energy1799KJ21%Protein16.0g27

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