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Pressure Granulation Spray Dryer

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YPG Series Pressure Spray (Granulating) DryerDescription of Pressure Nozzle Type Spray Drier:A diaphragm pump presses raw material liquid/paste to a pressure nozzle through which liquid/ paste is atomized into small mist droplets, which makes the surface area of the raw material greatly increased. After the fully contact with hot air, the droplets are dried into powder or small particles instantaneously (within a few seconds). Feature:●Momentary dry, which is suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.●Finished products are ball-shaped with uniform size, good fluidity and solubility, high purity and good quality.●According to the characteristics of raw material, it can operate various processes, such as  hot air drying and granulating, cooling granulating, spray-crystallization, and spray reaction.  ●Matched with the fine powder recycling and re-wetting system, the particle size can be adjusted to meet customers’ requirements.  ●The operation and control is easy and stable, which is easy to realize automatic operation. Particle size, bulk density and moisture content can be adjusted by a regulator.●Special granulating nozzle can be customized to match the melt quenching granulation tower. Particle size is within ф0.5-3mm. Suitable for processing stearic acid, rubber ingredients, paraffin, etc.Applicable Industries:Suitable for processing liquid materials of foodstuff, medical, chemical, dyestuff, ceramic, pesticide, plastics, etcTechnical Parameters:Item/ ModelYPG-6YPG-12.5YPG-25YPG-50YPG-65YPG-100YPG-200YPG-300YPG-500YPG-800YPG-1000YPG-2000YPG-3000Evaporation capacity(kg/h)612.5255065100200300500800100020003000AtomizerLow pressure nozzleSpray Pressure      (mpa)YPG series: range from 0.6 to 4.0   (BPG series: range from 2.5 to 15)Diameter of  Tower      (mm)1540175022003000320042004700540056005800620068007500Height of Tower(mm)520063007650940094001125014500158501600018000185002000023000Length of Equipment      (mm)3000380050005400560090001000013000150001700017500175002000Width of Equipment (mm)200027504200470049006500700085001000012000125001300017500Remark: The evaporation capacity is related to the material characteristics, solid contents and the temperature of the inlet and outlet hot air.Flow Chart:

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