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Pressure Switch H121 -550 H122-554

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Pressure switch H121 -550  H122-554 Feature :1, the core of the product using the new intelligent micro-processing chip, stable and functional and  practical performance. 2, LED displays the current pressure or level value; 3, the pressure or level can be set to start or stop according to their needs; 4, four LED products according to customer needs three units can choose: Mpa, KG.F / CM2, PSI 5, can be set high and low pressure or level alarm, and relay or optocoupler output to the control device; dual relay  output (SPDT) switch; 6, two-way relay / two-way coupler / with 4-20mA / 0-10V output can be selected; 7, the use of high-precision pressure sensors, high precision than mechanical pressure switches, small hysteresis, fast response, stable and reliable; no dead zone adjustment, can be set relay pressure points over the entire measuring range; 8, use the buttons to adjust the operating pressure, easy to use, more flexible; degree of protection: IP65, it can be used in harsh environment applications; Technical parameters :Products show : Why chose us :

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