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Privacy Glass Window

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Product Description
PRODUCTION DETAILS            It is also called Liquid Crystal Switchable Glass , is the use of  glass that allows you to switch between transparency and translucence at the remote.  The secret of the transformation between clear glass and translucent glass is found in its 'Liquid Crystal Sheet’. Liquid crystal glazing comprises laminated glass with a minimum of two clear or colored sheets of glass and a liquid crystal film, assembled between at least two plastic inter layers. In the 'off’ state, the liquid crystals are not aligned, which prevents vision, yet allows light to pass through the glass. When is it switched 'on’, the liquid crystals align, turning the glass transparent and allowing visibility. The change in transparency takes place within milliseconds.FEATURES :* Power: AC110V Or AC220V input (10W per square meters )* Custom sizes available on request*Frequency - 50/60Hz*Switching - < 1 second STRUCTURES Float Glass + EVA Film + PDLC Privacy Film + EVA Film + Float GlassTECHNOLOGY DATA OF PRIVACY GLASS SWICHABLE Max Size1800 *2200mmThickness4+PDLC+4MM . 5+PDLC+5MM , 6+PDLC+6MMTransmittance>70% (-On)        

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