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Projector Fresnel Lens

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Product Description
Projector Fresnel lens Introduction:Projector Fresnel lens is used in order to improve the screen’s resolution, clarity and brightness. So, we design this kind of Fresnel lens, making the thread pitch, tooth shape more reasonable, and in order to raise the screen, we increase the trapezoidal correction range: one of the focus lens is designed in a bias, so that the projector can achieve good viewing effect no matter how it is placed on the desktop.Products List:Part No.MaterialSize(mm)Focal Length (mm)Thickness (mm)Groove Pitch (mm)FRL108120PMMA108.4*9012020.3FRL120200PMMA120.6*8420020.3FRL164210PMMA164*11821020.5FRL164135PMMA164*11813520.3FRL175140PMMA175*10814020.3FRL184210PMMA184*10221020.5FRL295220PMMA295*17822020.5FRL295320PMMA295*18032020.5

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