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Provide 4-axis Linkage Laser Welding Machine

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Product DetailBasic InfoType:Laser WeldersCurrent:Alternating CurrentModel:HPL-1LFS-350Application:Mould, Spare PartsProduct Description 4-axis Linkage Laser Welding MachineCharacteristic:4-axis linkage laser welding machine partially heats on materials by high energy laser pulse, and high energy of laser spreads to inside of material by heat transmission, forming specialized furmall hearth and realizing the purpose of welding. It mainly suits for the welding of thin and precise materials. It can realize the butt welding, spot welding, sealing welding overlap welding. Small welding width, deep depth, small heat affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth weld seam, good appearance, no processing or simply processing. After welding, the welding quality is high, no pores, and can accurately control the positioning accuracy. The focus spot size is small, easy to realize automatic welding. It can satisfy 24 hours of mass production. Application:Four axis laser welding machine can be used for the three-dimensional products. It is suitable for water pipe joints, a variable diameter joint, three links, valves, shower head, space curve, lithium battery, electrode, stainless steel, titanium alloy, glasses frame buckling, impeller, kettle, handle, complex stamping parts, casting parts welding.Suitable for stainless steel, gold, silver, alloy, steel, diamond and son on. It can weld the same materials and different materials.Paremeter:Wave length:1064nmRated output laser power: 350/450/500WThe maximun laser output power:450/550/620WThe maximun laser pulse energy: 80J/100J/110JPulse width: 0.3ms-20msThe loading of the work table: 50KGPumping source: Pulse xenon lampNd: YAG RodThe stroke of the work table: 300*300*150mm( chooseable)CCDmonitor Contact Now:Shenzhen Shinhop Laser Equipment Co., LtdAddress: 1st Floor Bldg. A , Huichuan Technology Zone, No.71-4, Xiangyin Road, Nanlian Street,Longgang District, Shenzhen, P.R. China (518000)Tel.: (0086-755) 8520 0585 ext.807Mobile: (0086) 18923855556Fax: 0086 0755 8930 2016Skype:szawkj   What'sApp:+8613530012510Website:,, http://www.laserq.comRecommendations: 1. Precision Laser Welding Machine For Battery Use2. Fiber Scanner Laser Welding Machine With CE/ISO Approval

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