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Pstn+ Gsm Lcd Screen Doorbell Gsm Door Alarm System Saful Pg3

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PSTN+ GSM LCD screen doorbell GSM door alarm system Saful PG3 2. Features 1.English blue backlit LCD large screen display,voice prompts,easy to operate.PSTN/GSM,Compatible with dual network alarm,double insurance,more stable. Directly inquiry calls & call functions on the host. 2.Host has 99 wireless zones, 4 wired zones, each zone has eight kinds of zone types to choose from, you can set up common zones, home zones, intelligent zone, emergency zone, closed zones, doorbell zones, welcome zones, old man for help zones. 3.Four groups of timing arming and disarming function, each timed arm & disarm the week and can select different zones, eliminating the need for frequent manual arming and disarming, truly intelligent automatic control. 4.Phone (cell phone) or SMS remote host system settings, APP SMS control, beautiful interface, easy to operate. 5.8 groups voice alarm telephone, mobile phone number into six groups. Zones can dial a preset number combination, not loss numbers. 6.10 seconds ISD automatic message recording. Recordings can be played back on the host. And embedded artificial voice, when remote alarm,the user to know the location of police intelligence and anti-code. 7.Remote remote monitoring, propaganda function, and can remote phone or send text messages to the host arm, disarm operation. 8.A set of normally open signal output, relay linkage alarm output, enabling remote control of appliances. 9.Wireless intelligent learning accessories, learning the code quickly and easily, and millions compatible host group encoding 2262, the remote control can learn 10 and 99 detectors, different coded remote control can control specific sub-zones. 10.Unique black box feature that displays the 60 most recent history (including arm & disarm the alarm records & records). Accurate shows the alarm time & zone number. 11.Built-in NI-HI rechargeable battery, power backup battery and automatically converts SMS tips. 12.Host uses quad-band GSM / GPRS industrial module, stable & reliable.

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