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Ptfe Filament Fiber

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Product Description
Product Description PTFE Filament is single-strand fiber made by drawing method. Common specification: 500dtex(450 dens), filament breaking strength 13N. Elongation 7~10%. It is mainly used for manufacturing PTFE sewing thread and fabric. PTFE filament fiber 1.Product  performance 1). Material: 100% pure PTFE; 2). Applicable temperature:-210oC~265oC; 3). Resistance to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, strong chemical stability (0-14 PH); 4). Suitable for high temperature environment too; 5). Not easy aging; 6). Pollution-free. 2.Technical parameter Item No. CQ-01-450D CQ-02-500D CQ-03-550D Density 450  25den 500 25den 550 25den Break Force 13N 16N 17N Eltension at break 9% Heat Resistant -190 c~+260 c Hot Shrinkage 2%@240 C 2hou Length per roll 15000m Weight per roll 750g 850g 920g 3.Product information PTFE long-staple fibers can be used in the manufacture of base cloth for filter material, can be processed into sewing thread to sew filter bag, and be twisted into toothpick line. After knitting, another important application is to make lon exchange membrane base material for chloralkali projects. PTFE long-staple fiber products  limited oxygen index up to 0.98, high strength, when linear density is 200,400,450 and 500 den, the strength conditions is 8.5,16,18,20N. The tensile strength up to 4gf/den, reached overseas advanced level. Physical and chemical properties of PTFE long-staple fiber is peculiarly stable. PTFE filament fiber performance standards: Model SR-F/M-200 SR-F/M-1000 SR-F/M-800 SR-F/M-450 SR-F/M-450 Density 1200 90 den 1000 70 den 800 50 den 450 30 den 450 30den Elension at break 7~10% 7~10% 7~10% 7~10% 7~10% Heat Resistance -190~+260 C -190~+260 C -190~+260 C -190~+260 C -190~+260 C Length per KG 7500M 9000M 11000M 20000M 20000M Application sewingthread

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