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Ptfe Filament Packing

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Ningbo Sunwell Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China ptfe filament packing manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, and we are also a professional ptfe filament packing company and factory, welcome to contact us.Description:   PTFE Filament Packing made from synthetic composite PTFE yarn, the yarn is sintered, highly stretched. The packing is then re-impregnated with mix of PTFE emulsion during braiding operation. Good resistance to compression and to extrusion, high structural and cross-sectional density.P103R PTFE Filament packing with Silicone Core   High red elastic silicone rubber core can absorb vibration to control leakage.Typical Application     > Universal packing suitable for valves, pumps and agitators in most mediums     > Especially suited for high pressure valves, plunger pumps, agitators, mixer etc. And where contamination is not permitted..Prime Features     > Clean, non-contaminating and graphite free     > Long maintenance free service life     > Minimal shaft wear and leakage     > Superior performance     > Lower frictional factorTechnical DataMaterial100% Filament PTFE yarn (with Silicone oil, Silicone core)Temperature Range-150 up to +260 oCProcessRotating20 barReciprocating150 barStatic250 barShaft Speed10m/sPH0~14Density1.75g/cm3

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