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Ptfe Fine Powder

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Product Description
PTFE Fine PowderMain Technical PropertiesFT-4DFT-4DLFT-4DHAppearanceWhite loose powderTensile strength, Mpa ≥ 28 25 25Elongation at Break, % ≥ 350 350 350Average particle size, µ m 450-650 400-600 400-650Bulk density g/L 475±100 475±100 475±100Standard specific gravity 2.14-2.185 2.14-2.19 2.14-2.19Water content % ≤ 0.04 0.04 0.04Reduction Ratio (RR)400:1400:1 900:1Characters 1. Has high tensile strength, can make medium-high density seal tape. 
2. PTFE tube. 1. Has high tensile strength, make low-medium density seal tape.
 2. White extruded tube and Rod.Make various extruded tube, use rapid cooling process to improve tube transparencyApplication Make extruded tube, rod, medium-high density seal tape. Make extruded tube, rod, sheet, and low-medium density seal tape. Make extruded thin tube, hose, capillary tube etc.Packing, Storage & Transportation• λ Packed with sealed PVC bag, load in Melting peak temperature proof paper barrel. The net weight is 20kg per barrel.• λ Not classified as hazardous for transport. During transportation and storage, avoid heavy shaking, and prevent from heating. It is better to load in refrigerator during transportation.• λ It should stock in clean, cool and dry warehouse, prevent from agglomeration and contamination.

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