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Ptfe Packing With Aramid Fiber Corner

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Product Description
JFY-47046 PTFE packing with aramid fiber cornerDescription:Diagonally braided from PTFE-yarn reinforced at the corners with continuous Aramid yarn, lubricated with silicone oil. The aramid fiber in corner enhance the packing strengs. However, due to the toughness of Aramid we recommend shaft (sleeve) hardness   60 HRC.Application areas:Multipurpose packing widely used in piston pumps, mixing agitator, the reaction to push, industrial and chemical industries with the valves.Application media:For a variety of media, including corrosive medium: hot and cold water, steam, solvents, oil, grease, dilute acids and alkalis, salt water, sewage and so on.GENERAL PARAMETER:Technical dataRotatingReciprocatingValvesPressure4 Mpa15 Mpa25 MpaShaft speed22 m/s rotaryTemperature-200 to +280PH range2~12PACKAGE:In coils of 5 kg, 10kg, 25kg, other packages on request.Supply OEM products.

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