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Ptfe Yarn

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Product Description
JFY-4103 PTFE yarnDescription:It is constructed from Pure PTFE 100% only. It is widely used in the manufacturing of gland braided packings, braided sleeves or tubings, woven cloths and woven tapes.JFY-4104 PTFE with lubricating oil is made from JFY-4103 impregnated with silicone oil.JFY-4103 ePTFE yarn technical data:Technical dataDensity, texPTFE100 00tex(2g/m)3000tex(3g/m)Graphite0Silicone oil, reaking strain, N>60NStrength, N/tex0.021 0.001Breaking extension, 2 32Loss at ignition (200  C, 2 hours), %0Shrinkage (200  C , 2 hours),

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