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Pu Timing Belt

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PU Timing BeltMechanical  Property- Stable Dimension- Low Pull Force- Small Noise- Wear Out Resistance- Excellent Elasticity- Precise Line- Max.Linear Speed can reach 80M/s.Chemical Property- Anti Aging- Anti Hydrolyze - Anti UVA- Anti-Ozone- Environment Temperature  -30 ℃ to +80  ℃  The Max.degree within short time can up to +110℃ - Anti-oil- Anti acid,alkaline cautery resistance- Combined with other thermoplastic materialsTypeMolding In One PU Timing BeltOne mould corresponding one length, the biggest advantage is longerlifetime and fastness.Open Ended PU Timing BeltThe finished products is infinited, in the middle of belt, parallelled with two sides is steel cord. Currently,we can produce PU belt with 50mm width and infinited long. Generally,it is to be installed in straight mobile transmission appliance.Jointed Endless Timing BeltIt was processed from open end belt according to thermoplastic character. It can be at any length.A number of V  interfaces design made the interface section can support stronger pull.Jointed belt is applied to transmission.Under rated power,we can produce various function belts and the belts with different teeth,furthermore, attaching different baffle and cover.A number of belts cords can be chosen,such as kevlar cord,High Flexialbe(HF) cord,High Performance (HP) and High Performance & Flexible(HPF) cord when the length of jointed Endless PU belt  more than 700mm.The Dimension of BeltsTypePitch Pb(mm)Tooth height ht(mm)Belt thickness hs(mm)XL5.0801.272.30L9.5251.913.60H12.702.294.303M31.172.45M52.063.88M83.366.00T551.202.20T10102.504.50AT551.202.70AT10102.505.00

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