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Pulse Jet Filter Type Gf

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Intended Use

Pulse jet filters type GF are intended for dedusting air of dry and non-adhesive dust. In the standard option, they cannot be used for explosive dust as they have no appropriate safeguards. For explosive dust-air mixtures, filters are prepared in accordance with ATEX requirements and are equipped with safeguards appropriate for a given dust type, such as:
•earthing of filter bags made of an appropriate electricity conducting unwoven fabric,
•pressure relief openings closed with a flap or an attested explosion vent panel.
Essentially, the filters are intended to operate in the part of the plant with negative pressure; however, in justified cases, they can also operate with positive pressure.
Pulse jet filters type GF can be applied in dust collection systems in cement, lime, foundry, metallurgical, road and construction material, chemical, as well as in boiler houses, desulphurisation plants, etc.

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