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Pvc Construction Board Machine

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Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pvc construction board machine manufacturers and suppliers, our professional factory is able to produce best and newest CE certificate pvc construction board making machine, pvc construction board extrusion line, pvc construction board production line, pvc construction board extruding machine, pvc construction board manufacturing machine.PVC construction template production line produced by Qingdao sanyi plastic machinery co., ltd. We use twin-screw extruder with compact structure, superior performance. Besides the screw and barrel and die are designed by our company and made in world famous manufacturers. And use the high-performance alloy steel for professional processing. So the machine has the advantages of uniform plasticizing, stable extrusion, high output, and long life. Features of pvc foam board:    It is flame retardant, self-extinguishing, heat insulation, soundproof, and seismic performance. Steam proof, dustproof, waterproof, antirust, prevent acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion. Pvc foam board has good electrical insulation under the condition of low frequency and low pressure. Light texture and easy for storage and transportation, construction is convenient, is the most superior versatility material with a good price performance ratio.  Versatile product thickness ranges from 3 mm to 20 mm and various colors can be made available for variety of direct applications again. These solid or plain colored WPC boards are surely replacing the product coated with HPL. AdvantageA. Compound wood is with the plant fiber (sawdust, wood chip, bamboo flocks, straw, wheat straw, peanut shells, coconut shells, and marijuana, etc) as raw material, according to pretreatment, make it compound with PVC to form a new type environmental protection material.B. The characteristics of PVC WPC construction formwork:(1)Widely source materials , low price,  old material or mixture material is ok;(2)Wood-plastic can free adjust product technique and formula according to request  so as to produce different performance and shape material, the utilization rate of profile close to 100%(3)The wood/plastic additives of wood-plastic material are safely, avirulent and harmless, it’s also won't produce side effects, so it can't constitute any harm to our body and environments.(4)Low maintenance fees,  and the using time is longer than simple wood(5)Wood-plastic material products and recycling waste can be 100% recycled, and will not affect the product performance. (1) With excellent physical and chemical characteristics ,a similar wood appearance, good stability than wood, won't produce crack, warping, no wood scarring, twill, high hardness, the using life is long;(2) With a similar wood secondary workability, It can be saw, plane, adhesive, can be fixed by  nails or screw, easy to maintenance;(3) Without worm eaten, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistance,  small water imbibitions;(4) Products can recycle, also can degrade, it is good for environment(5) Wood-plastic template combine the nature of wood and plastic, have a wide range application.  NaturePVC wood-plastic building templateBamboo veneer Wood templateSteel templateFire resistanceB2 fire resistanceNONONORetrievabilityYESNONOYESBibulous deformationNOYESYESYESStripping process EasyModerateModerateHardMold releaseNOYESYESYESCustomer designated sizeYESNONONOCorrosion acid alkali GOODBADBADBADSurface treatment00010Time of replications ≥254440Once fee(USD)0.361.251.61.25 PVC construction board have advantages compare with the traditional building templates1.Environmental protection.  Whether timber resources or steel resources, both of them are non-renewable resources, the government will strict controlling the use of them via rise the timber and steel price.  the raw materials of the wood-plastic building board is recycled waste plastics and  recycled wood materials. Those recycled materials is not including formaldehyde harmful chemicals, the government will promote it and have a good market in the near future. 2.Recyclability.  The traditional building board can not recycle it after use it, and will become solid waste, which will increase the environmental pollution.  The wood-plastic building templates can be recycled, i.e. the damaged wood-plastics building waste can be crushed and as recycled materials use again. 3.Recycled times.  Traditional wooden board only can recycle three or four times, but the wood-plastic building templates can recycle 25 to 28 times 4.Intensity. Intensity of Wood-plastics building board is 8-10 times compare with the traditional ones, and  the wood-plastic templates can fall from the 3 to 4 meters height without damage and deformation.  Also have the advantages of non-bibulous, non-stratification and not easy remolding 5.Other features:  same as the traditional board can saw, nail and drill. And it is easy for construction workers installation and integration. Also have the advantage of flame retardant, anti-corrosive and moth-proof and can adapt to the temperature change range, eliminates the unnecessary risk of loss and potentially dangerous. In recent years, wood-plastic templates factories invest a large amount of funds and employ high-class workers, after long time research and experiments, got the breakthrough in manufacturing wood-plastic machines and technology, succeed in producing the machines  and put it in operation and extrude the high quality wood plastic building templates. Every day output is 500square meters(thickness12-15mm).so get the leading position in the industry field.

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