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Pvc Gift Bag

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Tyvek Shopping Bag Made of durable,Website:http://www.chinawovenbag.net, waterproof Dupont Tyvek material, highly resistant to tears and puncture. So it can be used again and again and it's washable.· Soft, super light like fabric material but yet recyclable like paper· Allover real-color printing made it possible for all kinds of patterns: Food, Fruit, Fashion Characters, PhotosAfter 3 days and several miles of walking the industry’s largest trade show we must say that these custom Tyvek shopping bags are the most innovative use of a material that has been around for over 50 years.First, if you have not become a believer in the marketing reach of custom reusable shopping bags check out our page, Too busy to click, just look at the checkout counter at your supermarket. Custom shopping bags are everywhere.The magic is Tyvek, a material that DuPont created in 1955. Think about FedEx or USPS envelops. Now smart bag manufacturers are crafting shopping bags out of this remarkable material to create the perfect reusable custom shopping bag.Here’s why custom Tyvek bags shopping bags· Light weight· Silky smooth touch and feel· Recyclable· Strong (holds 65 pounds)· Waterproof· Machine washable· Compacts to the size of a baseball· Excellent printing properties· Competitively priced

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