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Pvc Impact Modifier For Pvc Pipe

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PVC Impact Modifier For Pvc PipeProduct featuresThe PVC modifier has excellent modification effect with less dosage, which conforms to EU ROHS Directive, eco-friendly and without secondary pollution. The PVC impact modifier has good compatibility and doesn't precipitate, which is the preferred choice of environmental protection efficient modifier in PVC industry.To adopt the modifier of acrylic modification, fundamentally changed the current CPE modified method, which is in line with international advanced technology. It can decrease the rest chlorine of CPE products erode screw and other equipments.The impact modifier for PVC has good modification effect, excellent processing performance, make the products appearance gloss improved greatly, with moderate hardness and the synergistic effect of thermal stability enhanced. This modifier also have functions of antioxidant and light stability, which can improve the weather resistance and heat resistance of various PVC products.Product modelWS-702E7 seriesFor PVC pipes WS-702E9 For PVC conduit pipes, pipes and etc.        SpecificationsChemical composition: Acrylic PVC modified graft polymerAppearance:White or slightly yellowish crystalline powderHeating loss: 1.2% maxApparent density:  1.17-1.39g/cm3Heavy metals:    10PPM max                                             Suggested formula for referencePVC line pipesPVC water supply pipesPVC water drain pipesPVC resin100PVC resin100PVC resin100Calcium powder38Calcium powder25-30Calcium powder80-100WS-702E7 or WS-702E94.5-5 (4.5-5)WS-702E6 or (WS-702E78)2-2.5 (2-2.5)WS-702E73 -4WS-202F3.6-4.0CZ-203C3.8-4.2WS-202E4.5-5.5Paraffin0.5-0.7PE wax0.1Paraffin0.2-0.6Stearic acid0.3-0.5Stearic acid0.2Stearic acid0.4-0.8Titanium dioxideAppropriate dosageTitanium dioxideAppropriate dosageTitanium dioxideAppropriate dosagePigmentPigmentPigmentFor enterprise standard and non-standard pipes, please add appropriate dosage of lubricant, the WS-702E series dosage keeps the same basically. The effect will be much better by using WS-702E9.  Usage advice:PVC mixing temperature:Lead based stabilizer      120-125 centigradeCalcium zinc stabilizer     115-120 centigradeProcessing temperature (centigrade):First area  second area  third area  fourth area fifth area the die orifice temperature180-185     180-185       175          175       170           188-195As per different molds, draggers and equipments, the manufacturers should base on their own requirements to adjust the lubricant dosage and processing temperature accordingly to achieve the best plasticizing effect.  Packing and transportation:The products should be stored in dry and cool place with air ventilation, and pay attention to moisture proof.The products packed in plastic woven bag lined with PE bag, 25kg net weight per bag.

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