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Pvc Insulated Control Cable

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PVC insulated control cable    Description:  Control cable for nuclear power station with Cu core, XLPE insulation, low smoke, halogen-free & flame-retardant thermoplasticity (thermosetting) polyolefin sheath.  Specifications:  1) Rated Voltage KV: 0.6/1  2) Nominal Cross-section Area mm 2: 1.0, 1.5, 2.5  3) Core Number: 2~61  1, Excellent fire resistance, fire resistance rating of not only meet the international GB12666.6A class 950 ℃ 90min British BS6387-1994 also meet specified grade A-level 650 ℃ 3h B 750 ℃ 3h C-class 950 ℃ 3h requirements while also burning capability by spraying water and mechanical shock.  2, Long continuous length, whether single or multi-core cable whose length can meet the power needs length, limit the length of up to 2000m.  3, large single core cables up to a cross-sectional sectional 1000multi-core cable cross-section up to 240.  4, A flexible cable tray on the cable tray can be, the bending radius ≥20D, D is the cable diameter.  5, Burning smoke, non-toxic, inorganic insulating material "does not burn the body," it does not produce any harmful gases when burned, will not occur secondary pollution, be regarded as environmentally friendly green products.  6, A cross-sectional capacity is too large, not only cable but also has a larger cross-sectional flow overload. The wiring requirements are generally cable surface temperature ≤70 ℃.If the wiring can not touch. Not when in contact with combustible materials. Cable sheath temperature up to 105 ℃. Fireproof cable overload permissible operating temperature up to 250 ℃.  7, Corrosion resistance, an organic insulating fire-resistant cables sometimes need to wear a plastic tube or iron pipe, plastic is easy to aging brittle, easily corroded iron pipe; fireproof cables are not required to wear jacket copper pipe, copper sheathing good corrosion resistance.  8, No electromagnetic interference, fire signal cables, control wires and cables laid in the same hoist way. Fireproof cable sheath copper shield. Does not signal, and control wire and cable information transmitted interference.  9, Good security, fire cable in addition to the normal power supply in flames, fire starting equipment, reduce fire losses. While the personal safety particularly reliable, its copper jacket is a good conductor, is the best ground, and continuously to a total length of cable, greatly improving the sensitivity and reliability of grounding protection.  10, Long life, inorganic insulating materials, high temperature, and not aging, improve his life many times larger than the organic insulation cables under normal operating conditions, the life can be equated with the building.

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