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Pvc Insulated Power Cable

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PVC insulated power cableDescription: PVC wire and cable is usually caused by a few or several groups of two twisted wires each formed by at least a similar rope cables,Website:http://www.qdyonghuaxu.com, insulated from each other between each wire and twisted around a center, the whole wrapped in highly insulating cover layer.PVC wire and cable products are mainly used in hair distribution, transmission, transformation, strong electric power lines power transmission, the current through the large, high voltage.Product numberVoltage U/KVProduct SpecificationsNumber of coresConductor cross section area /mmW、VLV、W22、VLV22、W32、VLV32、W62、VLV62、W72、VLV720.6-111.5-5002-51.5-300

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