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Pvc Skinning Sheet Machine

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Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pvc skinning sheet machine manufacturers and suppliers, our professional factory is able to produce best and newest CE certificate pvc skinning sheet making machine, pvc skinning sheet extrusion line, pvc skinning sheet production line, pvc skinning sheet extruding machine, pvc skinning sheet manufacturing machine.Characteristic of PVC Architecture Templet:1.Same with wood,can be drilled,sawed,digged,nailed,tasted;with great nail-holding strength.2.high strength,high hardness,good toughness,can be put unders sunshine,stable in summer,not brittleness in winter,working well in -50°C-70°C.3.antibacterial,antifog,anti-corrosion,working well in high building,construction under land,damp environment; anti-white ant,anti fire/UVI/Electric/,good at keeping temperature.4.one pcs of WPC template(1220*2440*15mm) is falling down from a 12m high building, will not break and deformation.5.easy to install, easy to ship, do not need release agent when remove from concrete/cement.6.WPC construction template can be used for 25-30 times, take 1220*2440*15mm for example, it is with cost of US$ 0.419 per square meters for every time. (wood template is USD 0.93/square meters) Production Flow:Raw materials---Mixing---Feeding---Extruding---Molding---Calibrating---Haulling off---Cutting---Stacking---Printing or Hot stamping---Package.PVC celuka board making machine 1.SJSZ80/156 Conical twin Screw ExtruderABB frequency converter, SIEMENS contactor, OMRON Japan, Motor power:75KW2.Calibration unit calibration plate:1500mm 600mm 4couples3. Cooling tank and bracketlength:6000mmtrimming knife:3 sets4. Haul-off unit8 couples cylinder clamping and loosening5. Cutting unitMaxing cutting width:1300mmCutting motor power:2.2KW6. Stacker 1200*2000mm7. Mould (T-Die)

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