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Pvc Threaded Ball Valve Din Standard Bspt Thread

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Product Description
Description:Name of productPVC Threaded Ball ValveMaterialsPP/UPVC/TPE+PPDimension1"~4"Valve Color Dark Grey/Light Grey /Blue/Whiteconnectfemale thread,Website:http://www.huashengpipe.com, BSPTPressure data10kg/16kgUsage areafor water supply, drainage or aquacultureStandardsDIN, BS, ANSI, CNS; NPT, BSPT, JISName of CertificationISO9001,SGS,CE, NSF, ISO14001Temperature Range-20℃~60℃Delivery3~20 days after receiving the deposit, depends on the quantity (DIN)VALVEDimension(mm)Size(De*")D0D1D2dTHL1LTr20*1/2"31.60 18.35 18.76 15.00 17.00 60.00 70.00 74.00 1/2"25*3/4"37.70 23.90 24.10 20.00 19.50 68.00 80.00 85.00 3/4"32*1"45.50 30.70 31.00 25.00 23.00 80.00 92.00 98.00 1"40*1-1/4"54.80 39.10 39.60 30.00 27.00 90.00 112.00 112.50 1-1/4"50*1-1/2"62.00 44.50 45.00 34.00 32.00 105.00 114.00 128.00 1-1/2"63*2"74.80 56.10 56.60 45.00 36.00 123.00 134.00 149.00 2"75*2-1/2"92.20 71.96 72.20 55.00 40.00 156.00 190.00 168.00 2-1/2"90*3"106.70 54.40 85.10 67.00 48.00 178.00 220.00 195.00 3"110*4"135.20 109.50 110.00 93.00 54.00 208.50 250.00 244.00 4" Packing DetailsNoDescriptionSizePcs/ctnWeight (g/pcs)Length (cm)Width (cm)Height  (cm)1Threaded ball valveDe2020098.98 34.53232.52De25160128.09 36.531.5373De3290205.59 42.529324De4060334.60 3929365De5040444.56 453227.56De6320692.77 38.529327De75151140.22 50.544.525.58De90101863.48 5440.529.59De11063073.11 513735Why choose HUASHENG? 1. We have each valve part and can manufacture them, so our price and quality are good, the lead time is short; 2. We have the ability to make mould, can provide OEM survice according to customer's requirements; 3. Many international well-known company have long-term cooperation relation with us; 4. We can guarantee the quality, because we have each valve tested before delivery; 5. We are the expert in piping manufacture and can provide the most professional and efficent service; 6. Make the change and improvement according the customer's requirement, provide eveyone the impressive service.Test before deliveryTest itemTechnical indexTest resultSingle item resultOutside lookValve body: the surface should be smooth, no crack, no desquamate,no bur, no obvious cold spot, no obvious color difference or change Valve body: the surfaceshould be smooth, no crack, no desquamate, no bur, no obvious cold spot, no obvious color difference or change QualifiedOven testNo bubble, no crack in joint lineNo bubble, no crack in joint lineQualifiedDrop testFree fall from 1m high, no crackFree fall from 1m high, no crackQualifiedFlattening testBy the 50mm/min+5mm/min speed,flatten the valve socket by 10% shape change, no crackBy the 50mm/min+5mm/min speed, flatten the valve socket by 10% shape change, no crackQualifiedSeal test1.The valve is off, under 1.6MPapressure, keep this condition for5minutes, no leakage from two sockets and o-ring of handle2. The valve is on, under 1.6MPa pressure, keep this condition for 5 minutes, no leakage from o-ring of handle1.The valve is off, under 1.6MPa pressure, keep this condition for 5minutes, no leakage from two sockets and o-ring of handle2. The valve is on, under 1.6MPa pressure, keep this condition for 5 minutes, no leakage from o-ring of handleQualifiedFinal resultQualified

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