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Pvc Twin Pipes

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Product Description

This productionline composes a conical two-screw extruder, different pipe die heads and the relevant auxiliary machines. It is mainly used to produce PVC twin pipes which are used as electric thread-passing pipes and so on. With excellent extruding capacity, the production line can make small diameter pipes of high quality in excellent productivity. The whole set is easy and safe to operate.

With reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, the production line can fulfill synchronic speed adjustment between the main motor of the extruder and that of the tractor. In addition, by way of vacuum sizing, the sizing effect is getting better and so does the automation of the device.

In PVC twin pipe production line, the vacuum sizing box of the auxiliary equipments consist of two stainless steel sizing boxes actually, which are 5 meters long and can be operated separately. Use automatic controller and motor to control the liquid level and movements respectively. The tractor adopts frequency conversion and the clamping is in a pneumatic way. The cutter is of automatic metering and cutting. Additionally, the stacking bracket can turn automatically.

According to requirements of different clients, the whole production line has desirable man and machine interface which adopts PLC controlling program.

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