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Pvc Weather Bar

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Haining Royal Plastic is one of the leading fashion and decorative pvc weather bar manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing with high-quality pvc weather bar building material, welcome to buy pvc weather bar from our factory.It's part of the shower room, it can obstruct the water, and keep you room dry while you are having a shower.Shower Room retaining bar sizes on the market in general 40MM to 50MM high, thick almost is 30MM to 40MM, but a little better shower retaining bar size is generally wide 60MM, height 40MM, specifically based on the size of the bathroom shower set . The impact of retaining bar size shower room also includes a bathroom layout, first we need to consider the size of the shower room, faucet, showerhead, shower, circuit, telephone line. While retaining bar size affect mainly the size of the shower room. Since the emergence of non-standard shower room, shower room sizes vary. Before the installation must be designed well drawings. Calculated shower retaining bar size according to the actual situation. Retaining bar can be embedded into the previously installed. Such a long time and will not bleed. Of course, can not be buried in, with a rubber seal, retaining the same, just long time friends, after aging will not sealed. Therefore, the need to pay attention when installing size and installation method.

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