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Pvdf Coating Grade

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Product Description
PVDF Coating Grade FTH-222CharacteristicPropertiesSpecificationASTM Test standardMFR(g/10min)0.5~2.0ASTM D1238, 2300C/10kgAppearanceWhite powder/Purity (%)≥99.50/Density(g/cm3)1.75~1.77ASTM D792, @23/230CScattered fineness(μm)≤25Hegman fineness gaugeWater absorption (%)≤0.1Karl FisherMelting point(0C)156~165ASTM D3418,100C/minThermal decomposition(0C)382-393TGA, 1%Wt.Loss, N2Crystallizing heat(0C)140/Surface resistivity(Ohm/square)≥1.1014ASTM D257/Din 53483Volume resistivity (OhmNaNe)≥1.1014ASTM D257/Din 53483Process safety instructions• λ This product should be processed under 370℃,to avoid producing toxic gases;• λ PVDF has good fire resistance and smoke inhibition property, however, when meets with fire, it will release toxic hydrogen fluoride gas and fluorocarbon compounds;• λ Operators should take good care of personal protection during the use procedure and processing. Packaging and storage• λ PVDF is sealed in plastic bag with 20kg net weight per bag and then put into drum.• λ It must be stored in clean, cool, dry place.

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