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Pzx3030 Cnc Drilling & Milling Machine

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PZX3030 CNC Drilling & Milling Machine.  IPM CNC Drilling and Milling Machine, CNC milling machine gantry mobile, high-precision, high efficiency, versatility, automation;  product details:  1. The bed has four processing position, 12 sets of hydraulic clamp, can simultaneously clamping four parts, improve production efficiency.  2. CNC axes each device using precision linear ball guide (Taiwan Hiwin) oriented high positioning accuracy, less wear and prolong life, the ball can withstand the load in different directions.  3. The CNC system adopts Siemens system, powerful, easy to operate; direct programming with CAD conversion chart to use, without manual programming, program designed to provide tutorial;  4. High-quality ball screw (Taiwan TBI) Ball greatly reduced friction loss and high precision lead screw.  5. The drilling head spindle motor with stepless frequency control, slide feeding servo stepless speed control, you can control the depth of the hole, with drilling blind hole, reaming functional and efficient.  6. The lubrication system Automatic lubrication to extend the life of machinery and precision.  7. Automatic chip removal system, connected to the numerical control system together, a key chip, easy to operate.ModelPZX1220PZX1630PZX1640PZX2020PZ2040PZX3030      Processing capacityWork range    Length×Width(mm)1200×20001600×30001600×40002000×20002000×40003000×3000Distance between the bottom of the spindle to work table  mm150-550150-550150-550150-650150-650150-650Max drilling diameter mmΦ40Φ40Φ40Φ40orΦ50Φ40orΦ50Φ40orΦ50Milling capacity mmΦ100×3Φ100×3Φ100×3      Φ100×3 or    Φ200×5Φ100×3 or    Φ200×5Φ100×3 or    Φ200×5Work tableWidth of T-solt(mm)222828282828Drilling and milling power headCNC axis444444Quantity111222Spindle taper holeBT40BT40BT40BT40 or BT50BT40 or BT50BT40 or BT50Rotating speed of spindle  r.min30-100030-100030-100030-100030-100030-1000Motor power of spindle(kw)11111111or2211or2211or22Longitudinal movement X axisMax stroke(mm)200030004000200030003000Movement speed of X axis(mm/min)0—60000—80000—80000—80000—80000—8000Servo motor power of X axis(kw)2×22×22×23×2 or 5×23×2 or 5×23×2 or 5×2Transverse movement stroke Y axis mmMax stroke(mm)120016001600200030003000Movement speed of  Y axis(mm/min)0—80000—80000—80000—80000—80000—8000Servo motor power of Y axis(kw)3333 or 53 or 53 or 5Vertical stroke of power head Z axis mmMax stroke(mm)400400400500500500Feed speed of Z axis(mm/min)0—40000—40000—40000—40000—40000—4000Servo motor power of Z axis3333 or 53 or 53 or 5Positioning accuracyX、Y、Zmm      X、Y、Z axis mm≤0.05≤0.05≤0.05≤0.05≤0.05≤0.05Re-positioning accuracy≤0.03≤0.03≤0.03≤0.03≤0.03≤0.03Optional itemRight angle milling head or universal milling head can realize 5 face machining.PZX3030 CNC Drilling & Milling Machine Videos

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