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Quartz Stone Table Tops

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As one of the leading China quartz stone table tops manufacturers and suppliers, Bitto Industry (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd is waiting for you to wholesale customized quartz stone table tops from our factory.quartz stone table tops1.Compositon OF Bitto Quartz Stone Table TopsBitto Quartz Stone Table Tops are easily cut from Bitto quartz slabs. They are composed of 93% high-quality imported natural quartz and 6% resin as well as 1% pigments & activites. With all the high-quality and eco-friendly materials, your food can touch the top surface, and it is absolutely safe to you!2.Standard sizes and thickness of Bitto quartz stone table topsA.Standard size of quartz slab: 2400*750mm,  2400*1500mm, 3050*750mm, 3050*1500mm, 3200*1600mm.B.Thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm.3.Colors of Bitto quartz stone table topsBitto quartz stone has rich existing colors for customers’ choice. There are more than 68 colors in total: Solid colors, Multiple colors, Simple colors and Platinum colors. Different Colors Can Be Customized For You!4.Weight and loading information of Bitto quartz stone: 12mm: 29kg/ sqm,  15mm: 36kg/sqm,  20mm: 48kg/sqm, 30mm: 73kg/sqm. 5.Applications of quartz stone table tops6.Characteristics of Bitto quartz stone table tops1)Rigidity and durability   Quartz stone contain more than 90% quartz ,with Mohs strength approach to 6-7, it cannot be cut by knife and is applicable for decoration of large public engineering space.2)Non-pollution and acid - proof   Extremely low water absorption rate,free of fouling absorption stable performance and free of reaction with various acid and alkali.3)Easy cleaning    Simple maintenance and light cleaning of the surface.4)Environmental healthy     Strictly select the raw materials, free of all radioactive materials,be up to the mustard of A grade decoration materials.5)Natural texture    Represent the lively texture of stone with the grains of whole stone, achieving top class emulation effect and natural stone charm.

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