Quick Tape Weatherproofing Kit, Self Amalgamating Epr Tape, 1 Roll For 3 Rf Coax Connections 1/2" To - Harshmet Corporation

Quick Tape Weatherproofing Kit, Self Amalgamating Epr Tape, 1 Roll For 3 Rf Coax Connections 1/2" To

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China Manufacturer HarshMet Corporation

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HRT71 Self Amalgamating EPR Weatherproofing Taping


HarshMet HRT71 is an insulating, self-amalgamating black taping based on EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber). HRT71 finds wide applications in telecommunications and electrical industry. This specially formulated tape, made from UV and weather resistant EPR rubber, is developed to universally protect all kinds of coax connections against water ingress or other weather corrosion at wireless sites, no conventional butyl tapes and mastics required. HRT71 provides high reliability and work highly stable in all kinds of harsh environment. HRT 71 is also electricians’ or engineers’ favorite especially for various low voltage electrical applications and insulation for splices up to 69KV.

Typical Sizes



Custom Sizes On Request


Excellent physical and electrical properties with a high degree of stability under conditions of use.

The tape amalgamates rapidly when applied under tension to provide a void-free homogeneous wrapping, without the need for external heat or pressure.

Excellent resistance to water, UV and ozone.

The tape will remove cleanly when cut, allowing it to be used as temporary insulation or protection.

Service temperature -40 to +110°C. Emergency overload temperature 130℃

Notes:Data in table represent average of test results and are not to be used for specification purposes.

The product user should make their own tests to determine the product’s suitability for their intended use.

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