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Radio System Electronics Pcb With High Frequency

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PCB board SpecificationsPcb thickness:1.6mmLayer account:4LSurface finished:immersion gold;Line width&space5/6milsFinished copper:1ozSolder mask:blue;Material:FR4 Teflon.Certificates:CQC,Website:,ISO.TS16949,SGS,ISO9001,UL,ISO.14001,ROHSDelivery time:sample 3-5days,mass production:12-14days;Package details:vacuum pcb,inside bubble all inside,cartoon,ties outside strengthening;KDPCB Advantages1--never set any moq for every pcb board order;2--shortest response for all clients need;3--reasonable competitive price with high quality;4--support "one-stop"service for part of clients;5--shortest delivery time on pcb board production;6--"5S"and ISO.TS16949 quality system control manufacture;7--professional,high communication,trustworthy;8--all kinds of pcb board manufacture are acceptable;9--TNT/UPS/DHL/FEDEX/special shipping agency support with lower price;High frequency electronic equipment is the development trend, especially in the development of the wireless network, satellite communications, information products to the high speed and high frequency, fast and communications products to the large capacity of the wireless transmission of voice, video and data standardization. So the development of a new generation of products all need the high frequency substrate, satellite receiving system, mobile phone base station communication products must be applied high frequency circuit boards, inevitably in the next few years, rapid development of the high frequency substrate will be in great demand.KDPCB pcb manufacturer not only professional produce HDI(high density technology)pcb board,rigid-flexible pcb,flexible pcb,ultrathin pcb,gold finger pcb,hard gold plating pcb board,but also professional produce high frequency printed circuit boards,kdpcb high frequency pcb material must be consist of the following requirement:1) the dielectric constant (Dk) must be small and very stable, is usually as small as possible signal transfer rate and material is inversely proportional to the square root of the dielectric constant, high dielectric constant is easy to cause the signal propagation delay.2) dielectric loss (Df) must be small, the main influence to the quality of signal transmission, the smaller the dielectric loss has the less loss of signal.3) consistent with the thermal expansion coefficient of copper foil as far as possible, because of the inconsistent can cause separation of copper foil in the cold.4), lower water imbibition water imbibition gao will influence the dielectric constant and dielectric loss when be affected with damp be affected with damp.5) other heat resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength and peel strength also must be good.application fieldIt has been widely used in all walks of life for metal materials, heat treatment, heat treatment, hot assembly and welding, smelting and other processes.which are commonly used in automotive anticollision systems, satellite systems, radio systems and other fields.

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