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Radios And Radio Modems

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To be in time, have constant control over the situation, react promptly and ensure safety – means to be available. No kind of transport can do without reliable and high-quality communication. IRZ develops and manufactures telecommunication systems for various industries and authorities. We produce radios for automobile and railway transport, digital radio modems. “Radiy-203” Mobile Radio with GLONASS/GPS navigation module embedded: mobile radio network communication in single- and dualfrequency simplex mode, transfer of sensors and location data of a mobile object, as well as data transfer at up to 9.6 kbit/sec in radio modem mode. Digital Radio Modem: bidirectional packet communication at up to 9.6 kbit/sec. Depending on a version the radio can be used for various kinds of transport or as a fixed radio. Fixed Simplex Radios of RS-46MC series: the family of RS-46MC fixed simplex radios is designed for operation in radio communication networks of trains, maintenance crews and stations over HF and VHF bands. Radios ensure control over a linear communication channel from the control station and from control panels located close to radio or at a distance of up to 20 km. Versatile Multi-Band Radio of RVS-1 series: operation in communication networks of trains, maintenance crews and station on railway transport as a locomotive or fixedradio of HF, VHF, UHF (TETRA) and GSM-R bands.

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