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Rd Sampler

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Product Description
RD SamplerRD Sampler is a full bore Sampler which is used in cased hole and is operated by annulus pressure. It is mainly used in the full bore formation testing jobs to get the formation fluid sample under downhole pressure state. The entire test tube string is kept full bore status before and after sampling and does not affect the conduct of subsequent operations.Technical Parameters--RD SamplerSpecifications3 7/8″5″Outside Diameter99mm127.5mmDrift Diameter45mm57mmTotal Length3055mm2198mmWorking Pressure70PMa70PMaWorking Temperature-29℃~+177℃-29℃~+177℃Resistance to Tension1500KN2766KNInternal Pressure Strength130 MPa95 MPaOuter Pressure Resistance94 MPa86 MPaTorque Strength19.5 KN.m56 KN.mBinding Screw Thread2 7/8″CAS&2 7/8″EU3 7/8″CAS&3 1/2″IFIf you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by sales@sxgtpm.com

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