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ReactorProduct introduceLima has produced propylene reactor for more than 40 years.With 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing pressure vessel,Website:, according to  customers' requirements and the properties of material, our company designs and chooses various stirred reactors for them; As a representative the medium and high pressure propylene polymerization reactors are our dominant product. In recent years, the stainless steel half-pipe jacket reactor and cladding plate high pressure reactor, which are characterized products of our company ,have been widely used in the relevant industries and praised by users.Product featuresFast heating speed,Strong ability to cool down, high productivity, good heat transferSpecificationVolume: 12m3,  15m3.Work pressure: ≤15Mpa;We can provide the special design to your working conditions.  Respect the final drawings for all dimensions and weight.12m3 propylene reactor ready for shipmentDecontamination reactor ready for shipment after commissioning62 sets of various reactor for one joint ventureLow-temperature steel reactor

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