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Reciprocating Coal Feeder

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Product Description
Description of K type reciprocating coal feeder (reciprocating feeder) product: K type reciprocating coal feeder is suitable for the mine and coal preparation plant, loading coal into the conveyor or other screening and the storage device evenly through the coal bunker. This machine structure is made up of frame, floor (feeding trough) transmission platform, funnel gate, rollers, etc. Transmission principle: when the motor starts, the elastic coupling, gear reducer, a crank porch institutions drag sloping floor rolling on a straight line reciprocating movement, and evenly discharged the coal to the transport machinery, or other screening equipment. The machine has two forms, one is equipped with a funnel and regulating valve and the other one without a funnel or regulating valve.K type reciprocating coal feeder (reciprocating feeder) is a feeding device used for loose granular materials, like coal or other small grinding, small viscous materials, discharging the materials in storage or material continuously and evenly into transportation equipment or other screening equipment. K type reciprocating feeder is suitable for bulk transportation of the mine, coal preparation plant, station, coal workshop, port bulk wharf, and can be through the bunker or homogeneous transfer directly to the belt conveyor or other screening equipment, storage devices, etc. to realize evenly feeding of bulk materials, like ore, sand, coal, grain and so on. This equipment is installed on the hopper body with the suspension transmission device and can be divided into several kinds of models according to the size of the quantification: K1, K2, K3, K4, etc. K type reciprocating coal feeder (reciprocating feeder) main technical parameters: Model specificationK-0K-1K-2K-3K-4(t/h)      Feeding capacityBlank routecrank positionanthracitesoft coalanthracitesoft coalanthracitesoft coalanthracitesoft coalanthracitesoft coal200mm410090150135225200330300590530150mm37567112100170150247220440395100mm25045756813310016515029526850mm12522343455508375148132Crank speed(r/min)5757626262motormodelYB160M1-8Y160M1-8YB160M1-8Y160M1-8YB160M1-8Y160M1-8YB160M1-6Y160M1-6YB160M1-6Y160M1-6power(KW)4447.518.5rotate speed(r/min)720720720970970reducermodelJZQ0-350JZQ0-350JZQ0-350JZQ-400JZQ-500speed ratio12.6412.6412.6415.7515.75(mm)largest particlecontent below 1050400500700Content more than 10 0300350450550(kg)equipment weighthopper11271251148119272737no hopper10261144134217352505

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