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Reciprocating Saws Chop Half

PRICE: 12500 USD
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reciprocating saw that I split a half in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on the implementation of standards Q/02JHT001, the first in a successful development of advanced equipment. The equipment consists of motor, bow saws, saw blades, rings, and handles and other components. Is Shengzhu slaughtering, processing enterprises the necessary equipment, dedicated to the meat of the split half-Sheng Zhu IOUs. The device is simple, stable operation, easy maintenance; water slaughtering operations in mechanized production, the equipment can greatly increase productivity and improve the labor intensity.

Motor driven eccentric rotation, so as to drive the connecting rod eccentric reciprocating movement, through slide, slider and connecting rod combination, to promote the purpose of reciprocating saw blades do.

  Half-way split of pigs generally divided into two: one for the abdomen to the style, a style for the back. This process requirements under the plant or the operator's preference decision. Generally need a pig for every split 15-20 seconds.

The main wearing parts

The main wearing parts are the following:

1) Blade

2) bearing 6303

3) axis

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