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Red Copper Beer Equipment

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Welcome to wholesale red copper beer equipment from us. We are one of the best red copper beer equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China.Specifications1.Material: stainless steel 304 2.capacity:100L-10000L per day 3.Service: install equipment for free 4.Certificate: ISO CEWe mainly have the following kinds of equipment: universal type, mid-range type and luxurious type, including 100L/D, 200L/D, 300L/D, 500L/D, 1000L/D, 2000L/D, etc. We can produce the equipment according to clients’ requirments. Our equipment is mainly applied in hotels, bars, barbecue, small and medium-sized breweries and so on. As for the price, different products and specifications means various prices.1. Component Parts of Degong Beer Brewing Equipment Degong beer equipment mainly includes six systems: mashing system, fermentation system, auxiliary system, filtration system, refrigeration system, power distribution and control system. The equipment is advanced in designing and manufacture and all process can realize semi-automatic.2. Component parts of each systemMashing system includs malt mill machine, mashing boiling tank, filtering lauter tun, board cooling machine, wort oxygenator, sheet yeast pitching device, draining vapor system and equipment base.Fermentation system includs fermentation tank, top tank components, equipment base and pipeline.    Auxiliary system includs alkali tank, acid tank, detergent filter, pipeline and so on .We can configure various specifications according to the requirement of the customers.The filter part includs filtering machine and pump of diatomite rough and refined filter as a whole.Refrigeration system includs refrigeration unit , evaporator, cooling water tank and equipment base.Control system includs PLC semi-automatic system -Our technical personnels program according to the technology, so it can realize different process purposes. (1). Characteristics of the system: centralized management, discrete control, strong anti-interference, high reliability; international dimensions, open structure, convenient system extension .(2). Manual control system-the characteristics: centralized management strong anti-interference, high reliability, international dimensions and convenient operation .3 (1). The  universality of the device is a significant factor when we buy equipment. Whether the equipment you bought can be fixed up in your local place or not is of great signifcance, however, Degong Beer Equipment supplies standard accessories and guarantees a just-in-time solution to a problem.(2). Whether control system can reach the required standards of free switch from automatic to manual: Using PLC touch screen technology into the control system,Not only realize the unmaned automation of the system, but also it can be switch. Freely between automatic and manual. (3).Degong Beer Equipment is more practical ; The whole equipment configuration and beer production process design are more close to larger breweries, the maneuverability is very powerful;4. High qualities of Degong Beer EquipmentDegong beer equipment, mashing equipment uses the design of a pot of two slots and two styles,Equipment and piping layout are beautiful and, easy to operate and safe. Pipelines between equipments apply healthy and quickly connection. The dismantlement, asseming and move, and the transformation of the pipelines are convenient.. The main equipment are adjustable, stable, no running, drop, leakage, no steam were leaked. It has perfect CIP cleaning and sterilizing system, equipment, washing is convenient and thorough.Equipment and piping layout have no dead Angle, can achieve aseptic operation. All plank, pipes and pipe fittings, valves use advanced healthy materials, the water containers, pipes and pipe fittings all use SUS304, which can be contact directly with the malt, beer, cleaning agents, material . All the gasket adopt the sanitation Four fluorine ethylene material. It uses the beverage pump of anti-acid , anti-alkali, anti-high temperature, and lower oxygen pressure. The equipment is processed finely, precision of welding and connection reachs hygienic standard internal using mirror polishing, the external use stainless steel smooth processing.5.Materials needed in brewing the protoplasm self-brew beer:(1).water(2).barley malt(3).pharmaceutical hops(4).yeast6. Beer costThe cost of beer production is very low, it’s about 2.0-2.4 yuan/l. that is to say, the price of one bottle beer is about 1.0-1.2 yuan, while, the markent price of one is about 15 yuan.(This is the price at the county level for reference only)

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