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Refrigerant R125

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Product Description
R125R125 is a colorless gas under ordinary temperature and a colorless & transparent liquid under the pressure of itself,Website:, used as refrigerants, the vital part of mixed working substances to substitute R502&R22, and as flame-retardants to substitute Halon-1211 & Halon-1301.Properties:IndexUnitR125Chemical formulaCHF2CF3Molecular weightg/mol120.02Melting point℃-102.95Boiling point℃-48.45Specific gravity (25℃)g/cm31.245Vapor pressure (25℃)MPa1.371Critical temperature℃66.05Critical pressureMPa3.592Critical densityg/cm30.571Vapor heat at boiling pointKJ/kg165Water solubility (25℃)W%0.09Specific heat (25℃liquid)KJ/kg.kwh1.26ODP0GWP0.84Quality Specification:IndexExcellent GradeAppearanceColorless , not turbidPurity % ≥99.8Moisture % ≤0.001Acidity (as HCl) % ≤0.00001Evaporation residue % ≤0.01Chlorides(Cl-) test % ≤0.0003No condensable gas (V/V) % ≤1.5 Packing:760KG/800L,870KG/926L steel cylinders or ISO TANK.PS:HS Code 29034599.00, CAS 354-33-6.

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