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Refrigerated Dryer

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Product Description
Refrigerated DryerCompressed air is full of steam which damages not only air system but also final products. It’s estimated that there would be 90L water in the compressed air, refrigerated dryer can help get rid of 99% water to dry your compressed air.B∝D Refrigerated Dryer Advantage1.Use Panasonic pump with two condensing to ensure outlet dew point +2~+10℃2.Stable, less noise, long service life3.Two-stage efficient separator can eliminate 99% water and avoid secondary evaporation4.Equipped automatic drainer discharge water out of dryer without leaking air5.Large evaporator can handle high volume6.Condenser use superior copper tube with high heat transfer coefficient, small size and compact structure7.Electrical components use electronic module control modelBD-10BD-20BD-30BD-40BD-60BD-80BD-100BD-120BD-150BD-200BD-250BD-300BD-400BD-500air flow(m3/min) point2-10℃working pressure:7barmax working pressure:                          13barinlet temp≤80℃ambient temp≤35℃working dayscontinuous workingpressure loss≤0.025Mpadrain valveelectric drain valvecool wayby airrefrigerantR22electricity V/PH/Hz220VAC/1HP/50HZ380VAC/3PH/50HZpower0.25HP0.5HP0.75HP1.25HP1.5HP2HP2HP2.5HP3HP5HP6HP7.5HP8HP10HPconnetionthreadedthreadedthreadedthreadedthreadedthreadedthreadedthreadedthreadedflangeflangethreadedflangeflangeinlet/outlet diaDN20DN25DN25DN40DN40DN50DN50DN65DN65DN80DN80DN80DN100DN100dimension (LWH)400mm  800mm  640mm400mm  800mm  780mm400mm  800mm  780mm500mm  960mm   880mm500mm  960mm   880mm700mm  1000mm   1000mm700mm  1000mm   1000mm700mm  1000mm   1000mm700mm  1000mm   1000mm700mm  1400mm  1160mm700mm  1400mm  1160mm1800mm  1000mm  1360mm2000mm  1000mm  1360mm2200mm  1100mm  1480mmweight55Kg65Kg68Kg90Kg95Kg130Kg135Kg160Kg165Kg250Kg300Kg400Kg500Kg600Kg

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