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Reinforced Adhesive Sheet

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Product Description
Product Model No Mian MaterialCAS NoMF Place of OriginReinforced adhesive sheet5188butyl9003-27-4BiPbShanghai,China1.Description:Reinforced adhesive sheet is a type of high reinforced,self-adhesive,heat curable composite material based on epoxy resin with glass fiber reinforced,it can be used in automobile body,cure with the electrophoresis paint and becomes strong after curing.Good performance on resistance of electrophoretic paint and pretreatment liquid .Excellent adhesive reinforcing to the base metal .The tape is reactive adhesives, storage period is related to storage temperature.Refrigerated can extend its useful life, storage period is three months below 35 ℃.2.Application Area:Auto body steel: CRS, the surface of galvanized sheet metal or organic, processed aluminum, oily plate (oil up to 3g / ㎡), with the same electrophoretic paint curing, to strengthen steel rigidity, lower noise (trace), and suppress the vibration effect.Tear off the release paper, sick to the application place, compact it, and cure under the 160 ℃ -210 ℃ for 30-60mins.

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