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Reliable Supplier Of Molybdenum Powder

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Attributes  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAS: 7439-98-7  Molecular Formula: Mo  Molecular weight:95.94  Appearance:ash black powder Application  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ●Alloying ●Brake Pads ●Ceramic Metallization ●Chemical Catalyst ●Detonation Initiator ●Diamond Tooling ●Electronics ●Heating Elements ●Infiltration ●Metal Matrix Composites ●Metal Injection Molding ●Photovoltaics ●Pressed and Sintered Ingots ●Pressed and Sintered Shapes ●Thermal Spray Technology ●Sputtering Targets Description  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The molybdenum powders are produced from molybdenum trioxide and ammonium molybdates by hydrogen reduction. By controlling the input materials and reduction parameters, purity can be controlled above 99.95% with low residual oxygen and carbon contents. Particle size can be controlled through screening and other techniques from coarse fractions of -5 mesh (4mm) to -325 mesh (-45µm). MIMP powders can be produced with the largest agglomerates under 15µm and an average agglomerate size under 4µm. The Ready-to-Press powder (RTP) is designed for mechanical pressing of pure molybdenum parts. The high flowability allows for easy mold filling. The RTP powder contains organic binders, which permits a high pressed density. The particle size of the starting powder is carefully controlled to allow for high sintered densities in the finished parts. Molybdenum alloy powders are available such as TZM (Mo-0.5Ti-0.1Zr) and MHC (Mo-1.2Hf-0.1C), or oxide dispersion strengthened alloys such as MoLa (Mo-1.0La2O3). Fine molybdenum carbide (Mo2C) is available. Custom alloys are available per customer request.

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