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Remote Control Airplane Battery

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Ameec Shenzhen Technology Co.,Ltd, with professional remote control airplane battery factory, is a best China remote control airplane battery, deep cycle battery, rc battery packs, lifepo4 battery pack, portable battery power, portable batteries manufacturers and suppliers. We are always at your service. ‍‍Remote control Airplane Battery Type:                                                                         Pack           Chemistry:                                                                Li-ion      Nominal Voltage (V):                                                7.4v   Capacity (mAh):                                                       5000    Max Continuous Discharge Current:                     50A    Max  Discharge Current:                                         100A   Battery Charging Current:                                       2A Weight:                                                                      1kg               Dimensions:                                                              13*10*150px                                                                                     Avg. Temperature Ranges for     Charging:                                                                  

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